How many things can be done in one click! Also wear glasses:  CliC, the  reading glasses with the magnet, which change the way you see!

The idea is as simple as it is ingenious: created for  NASA , CliC is the result of design that meets utility.

The concept that guides CliC is the need to see well and always have glasses at your fingertips . The CliC glasses are the only reading glasses in the world that let you do it!

Innovative, practical and trend, the glasses from reading CliC  have a magnet which opens frontally and remain still resting on the neck, in the rest position, thanks to their rigid collar, so as to ensure maximum fit and a truly optimal comfort.

Today the company's mission is to consolidate its global leadership in the optics sector, investing every day in service, creativity and technological innovation.

CliC : unique, practical, unmissable! Just try it and fall in love with it.